Dr. Baxter's Advanced Live Patient Course

This course is tailored for those who have completed other tongue-tie courses but seek further confidence before diving into practice.

Hosted at Dr. Baxter’s Birmingham, Alabama office, this Advanced Live Patient Course offers a personalized, hands-on, and comprehensive learning journey. Attendees will gain the skills and assurance needed to effectively treat children of all ages with tongue- and lip-ties. Please note, this is an advanced course; thus, it does not cover laser basics or the fundamental aspects of tongue- and lip-ties. We strongly recommend completing our online course, Tongue-Tied Academy, before attending.

Dr Richard Baxter Advanced Live Course

Key components of the course include:

  • Engaging classroom sessions with Dr. Baxter and a maximum of three fellow attendees.
  • Practical insights into treating new patients and hands-on participation in procedures.
  • Guidance on essential aspects of follow-up visits.
  • Ample opportunities for discussion and interaction.
  • Access to all forms and materials utilized in our patient treatment processes.

Lunch, accompanied by clinical discussions (and delicious guacamole!), is provided. To ensure a conducive learning environment, we limit the number of attendees to four and schedule fewer patient appointments for the day. Typically we see around eight or nine new patient visits and five or more follow up visits, but each course is unique. This allows ample time for fruitful discussions and personalized attention. Additionally, lunch sessions with Dr. Baxter offer an opportunity to address any burning questions.

Dr Baxter Advanced Live Course

Important details to note:

  • Participants will earn 8 hours of ADA-approved CE Credits.
  • All proceeds from course fees are allocated to support local and global missions.

Additional Information:

  • Please be aware that this is an observational and didactic experience; attendees will not engage in patient treatment during the course.
  • Registrations are currently restricted to individuals residing outside a ~3-hour driving radius from our office, as we are sharing all of our treatment methodologies. (See Exclusion Map if Close)
  • A $500 cancellation fee applies up to 30 days before the course start date, and no refund available within 30 days.

Thank you for considering our course, and we are excited to meet you and provide you with an unforgettable educational experience!

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